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Back to the drawing board… July 17, 2012

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I’ve had this blog for ages and ages. Yet, as you can see there is only one post at this time and that is the one I’m writing! Why? I think for the most part I never really liked blogging as everyone expected me to either write for free, write for product, or write for pennies. I’ve considered myself a professional writer for over 20 years so the idea of writing to promote others who were cashing a paycheck while I was left with a note that said, “Aren’t you a sweetie-pie,” left me with no desire or passion for blogging.

However, I decided to retire. The exact date of this retirement is a bit confused in my head, but retire I did. Thus blogging is now a personal journey in writing and I’m all up for that. I can’t guarantee this feeling will last. It might last as long as my typical New Year’s Resolution, or I might embrace blogging as a dear friend. Who knows? I do know I’ve got an opinion about everything, anything, and then some. You may not like my opinion on this or that, but you will know I’m writing from the heart with honesty and energy.

There have been many, many blog postings. I just have deleted them over the years. I found myself boring, trite, or decided to head in a different direction. I’m sure those posts are still out there somewhere as anything placed on the web seems to have a way of never really being deleted. It’s back to the drawing board for me. I’ve always loved a nice clean slate!