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About Maria Given Nerius March 10, 2009

Maria Nerius has worked in the art and craft industry since starting her own company, Nerius House & Co. in 1982. She started as a professional crafter selling her handmade crafts at art and craft shows through out the South. She began to sell designs and articles to the industry by the end of 1989. She has written for both consumer and trade publications. She’s an avid gardener and scuba diver. She and her husband live in the Florida with 4 spoiled hounds.

Maria is currently working with as the site’s Craft Expert and In-House Designer. She writes on a regular basis for national consumer magazines. She’s always available for designing, consulting, and writing! Drop her a note:

Maria Nerius is NO longer associated with, as a matter of fact she was fired by e-mail after working with the company since it launched. Creative differences one would guess, but she learned the hard way that one doesn’t have friends in business, one has associates so never take anything personally.

Maria Nerius is not associated with any creative adventures or inspirations at home. She is not part of any LIVE webTV craft show, although through her generous donation of time, energy, and funds this means of communication is awesome and will continue to grow.

Maria is no longer associated with As a matter of fact this job lead Maria to decide to retire from the craft industry all together. It was a very humbling experience and although she has learned to take nothing personally, she still understands that people do get personal.

Maria Nerius believes in honesty. She’s forthright and straightforward. That might rub some people the wrong way, yet that’s not her intent. She’s sleeps soundly every night and that’s what’s important. One needs to be positive, true to one’s own heart, and be an active member of the world!


2 Responses to “About Maria Given Nerius”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I am a friend of yours from Facebook and saw your invites this morning. I am very glad that you put them out there. Love your page and have become a follower now.

    Thanks Again.

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